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The begining

So, here we are. Let’s begin explaining Mechadrones a little more.


The world in Mechadrones is divided in 5 different zones, 4 controlled by the corporations and a neutral zone were a lot of dysfunctional and broken robots keep the place free of corporations.

The world is procedurally generated at the beginning of the game and you move through a grid of hexagonal tiles with some premade terrain, encounters and mission. There is a main plot too that is chosen between 5 different available plots.

At the beginning you receive a clear mission and you’ll travel around the world searching clues and fighting against other robots. The zone controlled by your corporation is more secure and friendly than the others so as you keep getting far from your homeland you’ll need to get better gear.


One of the most important premises of Mechadrones is the body parts system. In Mechadrones your robot is made of:

  • Body – The most important part because if your body breaks you die.
  • Legs – You can keep playing without legs but you can’t move.
  • Head – You can continue playing without head but you need it to use software and the programs they provide.
  • Arms – Each arm is a weapon so you need them for combat. There are 4 weapon categories: Close combat, Firearm, Laser and missile launcher.
  • Drones – Most bodies and some legs have extra slots to assembly a drone to them. There are different kinds of drones and they usually help you during combat, shooting your opponent, repairing your robot, acting as a shield or just reloading your weapons and collecting metal for you.

I don’t want to enter in too much detail because I what to explain it later but the thing is that every part of every robot can be change with another robot.

Another important concept is that each body has an amount of energy and the parts that you assembly to the body require an amount of energy to work. The management of your body’s energy is important for the tactical component of the game.


There are two important resources in the game, the METAL, and the MISILES. The ENERGY is another one, but it’s not something that you can loot in the game. It’s something that each body has.

  • The METAL is used for repairing damaged parts and as ammo for the Firearms. You can get metal scavenging through the world or just dismantling parts of other robots (or yours if you are really desperate).
  • The MISILES are used as ammo for the missile launcher weapons and can be found the same way as the metal.
  • The ENERGY is necessary to assembly parts to your body but it’s used also as ammo for the laser weapons. Sometimes you need to switch off some parts of your body to get extra energy and keep firing your laser weapon.

Well, that’s all for today, I’ll continue with the general view in another post.

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