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Mechadrones game map

I’ve been working on the game map this week. There has been a lot of improvement and it’s now working properly. I’m going to explain Mechadrones game map a little .


The map in Mechadrones is composed of hex tiles (called sectors) each one with different characteristics and some of them with special events. The most important ones are the headquarters sectors of each corporation. You start the game at your corporation headquarters sector and advance through your corporation controlled zones until you reach the perimeter and get to sectors controlled by nobody or by other corporations.


But you’ll not advance blindly . From any place you can see the info of the surrounding sectors, this info include the corp that controls the sector, if there’s any special building or event there, the ground in that sector and the radio signal.

The radio signal is an oscilloscope that shows you a wave. When the wave is a sine it means there’s a robot in that sector, if it doesn’t show anything there’s nothing in there. But it’s not so easy, that signal is not always perfect and there is a lot of sectors with noise and interferences.


Another system working now is the special sector marker. When you learn the location of a new special sector (by communicating with other robots or just stealing the info from them) you’ll have a marker that shows you the position of that sector. Once you have that marker you’ll have access to all the info about it.

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