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Decknight Alpha released

Well. Decknight is in alpha version on the Google Play Store but there’s still a lot of work to do here.

I’m going to start explaining Decknight in this first post.


Decknight is a role-play video game for Android that puts the player in the role of a Knight on his way to a Dark Castle. What you find during your trip is defined by several decks, each one representing a global zone.

On Each card you will find a different situation where you have to make a choice in a similar way to the old Choose Your Own Adventure books. Some cards are simple with only one option or just a fight. Others are long with a lot of choices to do or different combats.

The combat in Decknight is turn based and there’s some different action you can choose on each turn. Different weapons have different actions, including especial attacks, parrying, evading, blocking with a shield. Or you can just use a spell or an object.

Once you get to the end of a deck (the decks have 30 different cards, but you will play only some of them before reaching the exit card) you get an especial card and go to the next deck.

Now there are three different decks. Grassland, Woods and Lake, but there will be more with each new version of the game.

Well, that’s a little resume of what’s Decknight. If you think it’s your kind of game you can try it for free on the Google Store (did I mention it before?).

See you!

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