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Mechadrones game map

I’ve been working on the game map this week. There has been a lot of improvement and it’s now working properly. I’m going to explain Mechadrones game map a little .


The map in Mechadrones is composed of hex tiles (called sectors) each one with different characteristics and some of them with special events. The most important ones are the headquarters sectors of each corporation. You start the game at your corporation headquarters sector and advance through your corporation controlled zones until you reach the perimeter and get to sectors controlled by nobody or by other corporations.


But you’ll not advance blindly . From any place you can see the info of the surrounding sectors, this info include the corp that controls the sector, if there’s any special building or event there, the ground in that sector and the radio signal.

The radio signal is an oscilloscope that shows you a wave. When the wave is a sine it means there’s a robot in that sector, if it doesn’t show anything there’s nothing in there. But it’s not so easy, that signal is not always perfect and there is a lot of sectors with noise and interferences.


Another system working now is the special sector marker. When you learn the location of a new special sector (by communicating with other robots or just stealing the info from them) you’ll have a marker that shows you the position of that sector. Once you have that marker you’ll have access to all the info about it.

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Mechadrones combat AI

I’ve been working on the AI of Mechadrones these days. I was a little worried about it because I’ve tried programming AI in previous games and it always has been a very high step. But, to be honest, this time everything has been pretty easy.

There is going to be three different states for the enemy, that is,¬†combat, flee or configure. The most important one will be the combat state because it’s the more common state ¬†for the enemy and the most complex one. So I decide to start with it.


The first thing to program was collecting all the useful info for the enemy decisions, the senses of the enemy. This was the easy part, the list was:

  • The state of each robot part (that is armor and health).
  • Kind of weapon, damage and ammo of each arm.
  • Distance between them.
  • The kind of legs (legged, caterpillar or flying).
  • Available programs and the software pack into their heads.
  • The drones of both and if they’re active.

And that’s most of the things your enemy needs to know for a global sight of the situation.


Ok, I have a lot of game data but I need to put then in useful data for the enemy. For example the AI needs to know which weapon can make more damage in which part, if weapons have enough ammo to start shooting right now or it’s better to get closer and don’t spent ammo, if a program must be used now or if it’s worthless. A lot of this things are just simplifications of the collected data and I used some formula to filter the data and simplify the numbers.

After all the work the enemy begin to understand each situation, he have X action points and he must advance (but he can try one shoot) so he advance and let 4 action points to try one shoot. Or he only have close combat weapons so his priority is to advance towards the player. Maybe he has enough ammo and hit chance to stand there shooting you, while you try to get closer. Now, the stupid AI is so good that it’s hard for me to win in a balanced combat (shit!).


There is a lot work to do yet. I want to introduce a bit randomness in some enemy decisions to make him more unpredictable. I have to program de flee and configure states but the main core of the AI seems good right now and the most important part, It’s funny to fight against it!

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The Corporations

It’s time to talk about the corporations.

Here is an overview of the four active corporations in Mechadrones game world:


The Servotic Corporation is the oldest know corp. They were, on the 23th century, the first corporation that produced war robots with military purposes for the USP (United States of Panamerica). Those were different and not as lethal prototypes as the ones that they produce today, but a new era started with that.

Today, they are an old-fashioned corporation. All their models are a bit primitives with not too much firepower and low armor, but on the other side, they have augmented the hangars for Drones on their models and they are creating very powerful laser weapon for their arms designs.


The Tonkatsu is almost as old as the Servotic Corporation, but they followed a different way. At least until the Big-Robot-War times, when they created the MASP (Mechadrones Advanced Software Protocol) adding a lot possibilities to their models (war specialization included). That was the seed of the actual MEMO system. The MEMO allows the robots to have different Software Packs into their heads and incredible advanced and lethal movements.

The Tonkatsu Corporation designs have evolved into fast and agile robots, with good software support (their head designs have the highest capacity for Packs). Their main problem is that their robots have the lower armor of all the corporations.


Hengrove started in Eurasia as a Terrorist response to the war crimes committed by the Servotic and the Tonkatsu. They soon became what they fight against and created an enormous Megacorporation that has evolved to become the corp with the highest production of robots per year.

Their robot designs have the most destructive power, with great rocket launcher systems and heavy armor parts. Their main problem is that they have centered their efforts in improving their old designs, but they haven’t created modern weapons as laser or good support for drones and software. They don’t really care, they know they have the most destructive weapons.


It’s the youngest corporation of all. Their origin is not clear at all because they appeared so suddenly a century ago that there is not too much register of their movements. The corporation was directed (when there were humans) by a strange semi-religious cult that was very famous at that times.

Their model are very experimental and innovating. Their robots are the most versatile ones and their weapons have a high destruction power. Their main problem is that their best pieces require a high amount of energy to be used and don’t let too much space for drones.

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